Full Moon Hike

Tonight was my first time hiking to see the full moon. I had previously hiked at night-time, but that was mostly due to poor planning. There was a point in the evening when... READ MORE

Get Ripped: Day 4

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Day 4 of the Get Ripped Series. I am actually being consistent about getting up and working out! My eating is getting better... READ MORE

Get Ripped: Day 3

The Getting Ripped series has been getting some nice traction on Instagram. I never thought people would respond the way they have been doing. I can’t believe it is already day 3! I... READ MORE

Get Ripped: Day 2

We already have 1 day behind us in the Get Ripped series! Time will fly, and before you know it you will be super ripped, healthier, able to do more than you imagined,... READ MORE

Go for it!

It’s not luck., it’s not magic, it’s not circumstances. It’s developing a plan and Executing on it, day in and day out until the visions in your head become your reality. ~Andy Frisella READ MORE

Get Ripped: Day 1

Today is the start of a more consistent, and a healthier me (and you)! I tried this workout a few months ago, and I couldn’t do weights at all. I am so much... READ MORE