Zero Waste: Considering it

Zero Waste: Considering it

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The first I heard about zero waste was a few days ago when I was searching for a crochet market bag pattern on pinterest. In the related pins to one of the bags I was considering making was this term zero waste. From my understanding of the limited research I have done is where you basically try to not have any waste from the activities that you do. For example, trying to not have waste from food consumption, water, resources, etc. Finding a way to recycle/upcycle, and so on.

This idea resonates with me because for a loooooong time I have been saying that I want to be more self-sufficient. I have done some minimal things to that end, but there have been some major setbacks. The biggest has been the lack of convenience. We have done some things toward being more natural than hair. I won’t go into the details, but the more I looked into zero waste the more motivated I became.

Well, I am now considering attempting to transition to zero waste. I think I can do my best, and the kids kind of go along with most things anyway. I am excited because I get to try a lot of new projects and ideas. Stay tuned to see what project I will do next!