Get Ripped: Home Edition

Get Ripped: Home Edition

A few months ago I had to put my CrossFit membership on hold. It was a tough decision because I was really beginning to see results with it. Given that I was on a path to becoming healthier, I needed a way to workout from home. The home workouts had to not involve machines or a bunch of weights, and could be flexible to make them as short or as long as time permitted. It also needed to be intense for when I was stronger, but easy enough if a beginner were to try it. This was where the Get Ripped series started.

I managed to put together a series of workouts that fit all of the criteria above and more! At the start of October, I decided I would give the series a try again. I would use this month to reset myself since I had fallen off the consistent working out wagon.

It is with joy and a little apprehension that I decided to share what I do at home. I would be thrilled for others to join me. The series only requires a jump rope, some free weights, and you! You can increase the number of rounds to extend the workout, or you can add weights to increase the intensity.

The food

The series also takes into account that abs are mostly made in the kitchen. To that end, during the initial 30 days I eat “raw till 4.” This means my breakfast, lunch, and morning snacks are wholesome fruits and vegetables in their uncooked state. For dinner I eat a reasonable meal. Sometimes it is also a raw meal, or a cooked meal.

The schedule

Given my schedule of unpredictable client calls 24/7 at times, a number of meetings throughout the day, kids that have school, other lessons, and an active social life. I find it easier to get the workout part of the series done first thing in the morning.

As such I will aim to share my plan for the day right after I complete the workout or the evening before.


I am hoping to share this series as my main topic for this month. It is my goal to get in better shape through consistency. With being consistent in what I eat and showing up to exercise, the body I desire is bound to take from.

I look forward to this month with you!