Update: Aloe Vera Conditioner

Update: Aloe Vera Conditioner

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It has been about a month since I started using Aloe Vera on my hair. I originally thought I would use it as a shampoo, but turns out it is better suited as a hair conditioner (read here). I thought I had been using this mix for two months. You can imagine my surprise when I checked my blog entries and saw that I only just started using it on my hair and scalp. I didn’t really have any grand ideas that I would see major hair growth since it is “Aloe Vera” after all. For a quick recap I am sharing the list of benefits that got me started using Aloe Vera for my hair.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

  • Aloe vera ┬ápromotes hair growth. It contains something called proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes reduce inflammation, repairs dead skin cells,
  • Aloe vera helps to stimulate hair follicles which promotes hair growth
  • It prevents itching. Just as it reduces inflammation, it helps to soothe and calm the scalp that is itching and dry.
  • Aloe vera acts like a conditioner leaving the hair smooth and shiny.
  • Aloe vera has a chemical make up similar to that of keratin and it rejuvenate the hair with its own nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage.

I have only applied this concoction like twice to my scalp. The very first time from the original blog, and then maybe two weeks later with a modified formula that used essential oils instead of the actual plants. During the 2nd application I noticed my locs were longer as if I hadn’t tightened them up for a month. I ignored it since I didn’t think that my scalp would respond so quickly. It is now two weeks later, and I am in need of tightening my hair again. I should state that I use the interlocking method for my locs because it fits in better with my active lifestyle, and having to constantly rinse my hair after workouts. In the past I usually only interlock my hair once every 2 months or so. There would be hair growth, but nothing to write home about. I considered my scalp to be pretty healthy also. Well the edges proved to be a problem area since I had two kids right after each other, and with shedding, my locs on the edges previously looked like they were holding on for dear life.

Fuzzy Roots

Well what prompted this post was what I am seeing happening in my scalp. I looked at my hair, and it looked super fuzzy at the roots. I know there are those who like the mini fro look at the roots, and that is cool. I never have a super manicured looking scalp even when I tighten my locs up. What I should say is, I have so much hair that even when my locs are freshly tightened you would be hard pressed to see any of the paths. Maybe at the very edge you can make out scalp (my edges know the true meaning of a struggle). However, since it is now a year since the last baby was birthed, I had some new growths at the edges that I was nurturing to add into those locs. It can not be stated enough that in the past nothing looked unhealthy about my locs, even the struggling ones. Those who know me from my loose natural hair days know that I had a ridiculous amount of hair on the top of my head for my body frame.

Anyway, as I grew tired of having fuzzy root locs, I decided to tighten them up a bit. I usually start at the crown of my head and work my way outward, then I put my hair all up in a ponytail, and work from the back to the front. It is my thing. The crown feels so good when it is tightened, that in the past I would sometimes only tighten that area, and then leave the locs for another month. Well I started with a few locs at the crown, and noticed that I had a lot of loose hairs in that area. This of course caused me to panic a bit. Are these loose hairs broken hairs from the locs that are near to them?! Am I going bald? Did I do something to cause the base of my locs to start splitting?! I was/am not sure of the answer to that. I decided to leave that area alone since it was little tender anyway, and go to the back of my head.

Try this again

The locs at the back are the strongest locs. They have absolutely no problem. EVER, Well I get to tightening the locs in the back, and I am noticing that there is about 2 months worth of new growth around the base of many of the locs. The locs themselves feel fine in that they are still thick along the entire shaft, and I didn’t notice any breakage in the sink when I run my fingers through them. As I approach the middle section of my head, the new growths aren’t letting up. they are strong, feel thick, and around many of the locs. At this point I am wondering if what I am experiencing is a result of new growth from previously damaged hair follicle, or I messed up somewhere.

What is happening?

I don’t know what is happening. I am detangling the new growths, and braiding them into a nearby loc then tightening the lock. My guess is one or more of the following things is happening.

  • The aloe vera actually is stimulating growth all over my head
  • There were damaged hair follicles that are now on the mend, and new hairs are sprouting
  • Somewhere in the last month I damaged my locs all over my head, and these new growths are actually broken hairs

I can say that I have notices a significant reduction in broken/shed hair in the past month. I gauge this by doing the bathroom sink test. I turn around with my back to the sink. Then I run my fingers through my hair several times or for a minute or so. I look in the sink to see how many little short pieces of hairs is in the sink. Each time I have done that in the past month, I haven’t noticed as much as I did before. The other thing is the length of the new growth appears to be consist at about an inch to an inch and a half.

If you can think of what could possibly be happening, please drop a comment. I am panicked only because there is just so much new growth of hairs NOT in an actual loc.