Zero Waste: Beach Clean up – Thanksgiving Week

it is beach clean up time! A few weeks ago the kids and I went to the beach to enjoy the warmness of Fall in San Diego. While there are days where the beach just isn’t an option, there are more days where the beach is the perfect option. Well on this particular trip, the kids spent quite a bit of their time dragging trash out of the water. There were plastic bags, broken bottles, candy wrappers, and an abundance of trash. The kids were excited to help with cleaning up, so I have decided to incorporate beach clean up in our plans for Thanksgiving week.

During Thanksgiving Week, many people will be taking time off from their busy schedules. As we were planning out the week, we decided to try to incorporate several morning trips to the beach. We get to do some cleaning at the ocean front, and play in the sand and (possibly) water afterward!

You’re Invited!

We would be thrilled if others who love the beach would join us! If you are available on November 21 at 9:00 AM, please join us. You can sign up here. We look forward to meeting you! Don’t forget to bring a pair of gloves, and a bucket when you come.