Zero Waste: Baby and Child Clothing

Baby and children clothing becoming too small is a reality for this mom of growing kids. It almost seems as if they wake each morning needing an entirely new wardrobe. Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration, but these children over here outgrow clothes and shoes as often as there is traffic! Mimi’s clothes are saved, and handed down to Zamzam. There isn’t anyone in the house to hand down Zamzam’s girl clothes. Once I knew Hamed was on the way, I started buying more gender neutral clothes for ZamZam. The plan is to pass those on to Hamed.

There isn’t anyone in this house, that these clothes can be passed on to. Much of the clothes are in pretty good condition. Some were only worn once or twice. Those that were worn more are still in really good condition. I have reached out to one person I know who has a son younger than mine. So I am waiting to hear back from her. This gave me an idea though!

Clothing Share & Exchange

We are going to buy clothes for our kids anyway, why not reestablish the village, and share or exchange clothes! It may be that you find yourself helping a family that could really use the help. It would also be a great way to extend your village and meet new people! As it stands right now, at the time of writing this post, I still have some baby boy clothes, and toddler girl clothes available. Reach out and let me know if you would be interested in any clothes for your kids. Also reach out if you have shoes or clothes that can fit a toddler boy, and older girls!


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  1. I ship mine to Ghana. I costs a pretty penny but I don’t have to pay duty, just the shipping. Used to send to Jamaica BUT they want to kill me with tax after all is said and done. They are too merciless.