Zero Waste: Reusable Cotton Rounds

Zero Waste: Reusable Cotton Rounds

Cotton Rounds! I didn’t always use them, but since I started my facials, I use them a lot. They are cotton, so technically I can throw them in the compost bin. However, they come in a plastic bag. The plastic bag ends up in the trash bin. From there it is anyone’s guess as to where that plastic bag ends up. In trying to truly make zero waste my lifestyle, this is another personal care area I need to work on.

Before continuing, I should add that I don’t wear make up. I don’t know how relevant this information is for those reading this blog entry. I am sharing it in any event. The cotton rounds are quite handy. I use them for a number of reasons. These include:

Cotton Rounds Uses:

  • Remove Make up (I don’t wear make up. see above)
  • Facial Cleansing
  • Underarm cleansing: I use them mostly when I am about to wax/sugar the pits
  • Bikini area cleansing: Again, these are used mostly when I am about to sugar the lady bits down under
  • Help with breathing: On the rare occasion I get a cold, I sometimes add some eucalyptus essential oil to a round. I then place that round in my pillow case to help with my congestion.

Zero Waste

As mentioned above, the standard cotton rounds usually come in a plastic bag. They are pretty cheap in terms of cost per package, but what is the real price that is paid by the environment? As I noticed my stash getting low, I decided to pull out my crochet hook and cotton yarn. I haven’t actually tried using these as yet, but if you look closely, I only have 2 of the disposable cotton rounds left.

Once I have tested this design out, if they work nicely I can make some more. If they don’t work as I would like, I may change the pattern I used to make them. As with my hemp dish scrubs (coming soon), these are completely zero waste. The yarn that was purchased did not have any wrapping/packaging. The cardboard that the yarn is spun around can be recycled or upcycled. The finished rounds are reusable, so I only have to wash them then reuse. Once they are no longer able to be used, they can be cut up and tossed in the compost bin.


The photo to the left is that of a shelf in the bathroom. The shelf itself was taken from a book shelf that was once in the kids’ room. We painted it, and made shelves of them.  On the shelf is a jar that I normally keep the cotton rounds in. Once I have completed making several sets of the cotton rounds, they will be going in the jar.

Since we are looking at the shelf, I have an incense stick lit to give a good fragrance to the room. It just needs to be lit, and it burns to ashes which can be thrown in the garden. The aloe plant is from one of our larger aloe plants. It helps to clear the air,

If you look really closely, there are q-tips. We have had those in that jar for YEARS! No one in the house ever really use q-tips. Those are from an era before we were on the Zero Waste journey. 

I have some more photos of the cotton rounds, so I’ll just drop them here! Have you run out of cotton rounds? Would you be interested in reusable ones? I am curious to know if you would like to try some. Let me know!